2024 Lineup

Burning Pallets


Burning pallets is a Prairie Hip-Hop duo from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Their music is all about stimulating memory and creating experiences, with a multifaceted twist that is incredibly easy to relate to for people from all walks of life.  Consisting of producer/multi-instrumentalist Mitch James and vocalist Jonathon Karabekian, with occasional live drums they pack a full band experience into their energetic performances.

July 26 

9 pm










Brian Paul D.G. & Friends


Singer-songwriter Brian Paul D.G. and/or his ever-evolving musical friends offer a dynamic synergy of story-telling/inspirational/folk/roots/blues and/or easy listening songs. Some traditionals, mostly original vocal/acoustic compositions with a focus on holographic poetry and good humour! 

July 27











Moonbeams electrifies the stage and creates a unique musical experience that awakens the vibrancy of the soul. Combining the lyrical prowess of ZHE the Free on the microphone with live beat instrumentation from Parab Poet on the MPC, this duo seamlessly combines creative energies. Their sound brings a fresh flare; combining hip hop, electronic and experimental genres. Moonbeams’ self-titled album was released in fall 2023 following a stream of singles including their debut hit “Sun and the Flower”. Their album features 8 songs encompassing the light of the Moon and the power of the Sun.
“Moonbeams will move you, heal you, consume you.”

Keiffer McLean

Keiffer McLean & The Curiosity Club is an alternative Folk band from Regina, Saskatchewan. Their original music has been compared to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Frank Zappa, and Devendra Banhart. The group delivers a fantastical performance, flirting with several genres but is rooted in a west coast progressive electric folk style. The band has been nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards and have played across Canada and the United States Sharing the stage with artists like (The Milk Carton Kids, Donovan woods, Peter Katz, The Dead South) and many more.

The Great Fuss

One of Saskatoon’s premier original bands, The Great Fuss, have steadily built a reputation for their emotive and energetic performances. Their visibly joyful approach to music has made them a desirable opening act for many internationally-acclaimed acts this year, including Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies, Chris Murphy of Sloan, Five Alarm Funk and Wide Mouth Mason. With an homage to the pulsing piano melodies and indelible electric guitar riffs of classic pop-rock, this Saskatoon foursome go for a generational collision, capturing an old-school vibe within a contemporary kaleidoscope of rhythm, lyrics and low-fi pop rock riffs that earworm into your consciousness.

Dr. J


Dr.J began his life-long love of music in 1985 when he purchased his first vinyl LP – a copy of Grandmaster Flash’s “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done”. After years of collecting he bought his first DJ mixer from a high school friend in 1991 and started experimenting with mixing and scratching with an array of make-shift equipment and remnants from his mother’s record collection. October of 1994 marked his first public appearance as a DJ and he hasn’t looked back since. From his humble start doing small funk parties in his hometown Regina, to his hosting duties at the legendary Lydia’s “Souled Out”(one of Canada’s longest running electronic music weeklies) he was able to make a name for himself as both a promoter and respected DJ in Canada’s vibrant electronic music scene. Dr.J currently holds numerous DJ residencies in Saskatoon, hosts the long running “Expansions” radio show, and is a contributing music writer for “Hot Stuff” magazine in the Netherlands. One word sums up Dr.J – F.U.N.K.



Led by the multi-talented Chilean-born musician Felipe, Skaravan is a dynamic band that weaves Latin, reggae, and ska into an explosive musical experience.  Their name reflects their early days when they were a caravan of musicians.  With infectious rhythms and electrifying live shows, Skaravan invites you to join their musical journey, dance and lose yourself in the blend of Latin, reggae, and ska that defines their unique sound.  Felipe’s leadership and musical roots add a distinctive touch to this high energy ensemble.  Get ready to be swept away!


Noor is a Regina based artist, entrepreneur, peace activist, and an active member of the local and international arts sector for over 24 years. Noor is co-founder of the BeatsUnion.com platform which is supported by Canada Council for the Arts as well as the Canadian National Research Council as a human centric digital innovation seeking to assert artistic sovereignty, self-governance, self-sustainability and most importantly supporting unity in the common human condition, and cultural diversity. Musically, Noor is both east and west, and this is reflected in his versatile and worldly DJ and musical presentation; In the studio Noor is a sound designer and engineer with a philosophy of using sound to bring the listeners to discover deep connections that transcends the physical self and spark insightful meaning for life. His latest releases are focused on a cultural initiative called music for peace, which aims to connect artists and peace activists globally to revive the international civic societies and gear them towards peace and common prosperity. All funds from purchasing music for peace releases are set to support the world peace council via supporting its various independent, non-partisan, history keeping institutions preserving the requirements for peace. You can support all this work via signing up and buying music from music.beatsunion.com

The Department Heads


A dynamic four-piece Canadian rock band hailing from Saskatoon, SK, The Department Heads came together in the autumn of 2012. Their lineup features Arlan Kopp on bass, Christian Douglas on drums, Jeff Cox on guitar and backing vocals, and Lindsay Adams as the lead vocalist.
This energetic quartet, known for their hard riff-rock sound, combines serious musicianship with powerful vocals. Their live performances are nothing short of captivating, leaving fellow musicians and show-goers alike with an unforgettable experience. Over the years, their musical journey has embraced a diverse range of styles and influences, including punk rock, heavy metal, desert rock, and some pop if you look deep enough. The result? A simmering concoction of heavy rocking goodness that resonates with fans across genres.

Sean Bougie

Sean Bougie is a classical guitarist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has been playing guitar for 20 years. Specialising in intricate 19th Century classical guitar repertoire, Sean’s performance is sure to amaze audiences and fill their souls. He has played multiple events and festivals around Western Canada including the Saskatoon Fringe Festival, the FWFD Festival in Manitoba, and the Saskatchewan Festival of Words. Sean was nominated for the 1st Annual Saskatchewan Indigenous Awards for Best Instrumentalist and nominated for Best Instrumentalist/Ambient Artist of the Year for the 6th Saskatchewan Music Awards.


Iconic harmonies and snappy quips! Endearing as they are endeavoring in their musicality, Chesterfield masterfully pulls and pries all kinds of weird and wonderful out of their sound. Chesterfield draws its influence from a large well of inspiration, weaving elements of blues, surf, post-punk, and outlaw to build on an eclectic foundation of psychedelic rock and roll. Hailing from Saskatoon, the members of Chesterfield developed instant synergy, and they have already begun to cement themselves as the top genre-hopping band in the Saskatchewan music scene. They have amassed a large repertoire of memorable toe-tapping original material, drawing complexity and depth out of their honest and simplistic approach to songwriting. Their live experience is a deluge of 3 part-harmonies, catchy hooks and driving guitars, all painted onto a canvas of groovy, yet accessible rhythms that will keep you glued to the dancefloor. Their studio album Synthetic Fingers released is available now.

Mattie D

Regina based house DJ, Mattie D has a sound rooted in soul, funk, rap and disco. Always searching for the obscure and recognizable, leaning into a deeper side of house music, Mattie has curated a sound that is uniquely uplifting and thoughtful. Sit back, relax, enjoy the vibes

Duff Kelly

Authentic art illuminates truth while inauthentic art attempts to obscure it. I write truthful, heartfelt songs derived from real life experiences in hopes of inspiring you and others along the way.

Cupid’s Heart


Cupid’s Heart is a Prince Albert based trio belting poetic and moody lyrics amidst cello, electric guitar and drums.  Described as “Chrissie Hynde Pretenders vibes with a pinch of Nirvana”, alternative rock fits them like a baggy sweater.  An electrifying stage presence and grungy realness sets this band apart.

Brady Weldon


Brady Weldon, from local community of Carrot River has been playing music for more than 8 years and now releasing orginal material. Get ready to hear this talented local singer/songwriter and feel connected to small town wild.

Atomic Yeti


Ready to hear something loud? Don’t miss Atomic Yeti, a fuzz/stoner rock band from Saskatoon.

Parab Poet

Caught in the art of music, Parab is found in the groove. More then ready to get down, he loves to play music to raise the vibes UP! Many times a trifecta,  he entangles himself in the rhythm, manipulating multiple controllers, creating impromptu.

Robin Mang

Previously known as DJ Fatbot, Robin Mang has been serving up electronic music to the prairies for more than 18 years.  Having learned his craft first off with turntables and records, he took to CDJ’s very shortly after.  He is no stranger to playing vinyl or digital or both.   Whether is be house, breaks, hip hop, funk, soul, disco, or techno you can only expect the most funky and fun sounds and vibes!  Truly a set you won’t wanna miss.


Jim Chute

Local Country legend, Jim Chute is joining the fun this year!  Jim has made 6 appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, toured North America and Europe, won 7 SCMA awards and has multiple recordings.  


Jory Lucas

A local from neighbouring town of Bjorkdale, Jory’s style is all over the board.  From playing Alice in Chains and then slipping into some Post Malone for the next, you can expect a diverse set from this singer/songwriter who’s been playing music for more than 20 years. 



Sometimes style is substane.  This is the key theory behind Submit’s set programming.  For nearly 2 decades he has absorbed new electronic styles into his own personal sound.  Not satisfied hopping from genre to genre as it gains popular traction, he has melded elements of all into a cohesion of surgical stitches to satiate the scene and diversify the dance floor.  Submit will always surprise you with what he plays but you can always expect a highly danceable and intelligent romp throughout the set.  Please enjoy.


Patty Blue

Obsessed with records and music, Patty Blue is a vinyl only DJ with a vast collection spanning various genres.  DJ sets are fit for purpose with curations of soul, funk, world, disco, house, and even jazz and ambient in the right circumstances. “Records are by far my biggest passion and nothing makes me happier than sharing them with like minded people!”

Tribal Vibes Wild Fire Productions Inc.

TVWF are Sask scene OG’s performing and producing high energy stage shows for 2 decades.  You can catch them locally and away from home for private events and festivals around the country.  Their performances are mystical and ritualistic featuring fire dance, fire eating, LED light shows, and snake dancing.  Recently you can catch them sharing their love of flow dancing on GoGo stages in clubs and at festivals elevating the vibe and captivating their audiences.  TVWF also brings the vibe roving and interacting for parades!  Tribal Vibes Wild Fire  lead energetic community building; yoga, drum, and dance offerings at festivals and out of their headquarters TVWF Healing Centre located in Regina, Sk.  To add to their awesomeness they also offer land acknowledgment and blessings for opening and closing ceremonies.




Motr is short for Middle of the Road. We are inclined to play Rock and Roll but have gotten into some country and folk music. Our brilliant lead singer, Darrell Ethier and awesome keyboard player Roxanne Hooker come to us from Winnipeg but now live in White Fox. Darrell has played music on his own for a couple decades and Roxanne’s been on the keys since she was six! Kim Riemer, our amazing lead guitar player has also played since way back and has been in such bands as The Basement Boys, That Brave River and Grid 88. Kim also plays many instruments, is a singer/songwriter, producer and recording/mix engineer! Keylan Shatula’s drumming drives our songs with energy and precision adding lovely vocals. His journey also goes back to the days of the Basement Boys. Graham Comfort is relatively new to the bass guitar, decided to take it up during Covid, but never ceases to amaze us with his talent. Graham also brings great vocals to the stage. Susan Kreutzwieser sings back up. Always wanted to join a band, livin’ the dream. We’re all looking forward to a great time jamming at the festival!

See MOTR play July 28

Haywire Farm Festival