Vendors & Artists

Lorne Oliver,

Lorne Oliver, aka APSprayArts, is a spray paint artist based in Domremy, SK. After self publishing 7 novels, he needed a new creative outlet and found spray paint art online. He dove into it the old school way of studying those that knew what they were doing and learning as much as he could, which he still continues to do. Painting erupted an old desire to draw, paint, learn and create visually. His wife, children and grandson believe in him and inspire everything he creates.

Catch Lorne painting a Live Mural at Haywire on July 27

Take home some original pieces and visit his booth in the Haywire Barn Gallery during the weekend

Haruka Nai

From the stroke of a brush to the twist of clay, Haruka weaves magic into every creation.  She has captured the hearts of fellow art enthusiasts with her vibrant and uplifting creations.  Specializing in a diverse range of mediums, she is a multi-talented artist whose work spans from paintings, mural art, sculpting and chalk work. 

With a brush in hand and a vision in mind she can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art, her murals breathe life and color into the world around us.  Haruka’s creations inspire awe and wonder, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter them.  Each piece is created with the intention to bring joy and positivity while also brightening up even the gloomiest of days. With a palette of sunshine hues and a spirit of boundless optimism, she reminds us all of the beauty that surrounds us in life.

When she’s not painting, she is sculpting  adorable little creations out of polmer clay.  You may know her work fro Mochi’s Goodie Shop which can be found vending throughout the province.

See Haruka’s live art exhibit on Friday, July 26.  Visit the Mochi Goodie Shop booth and her artwork displayed in the Haywire Barn gallery throughout the weekend. 

2024 Haywire Country Market Vendors

Official Haywire Farm & Festival Merch

Available next to the Ticket booth and Mainstage Entrance.

Get your favorite artist merch here and more!

Eve’s Handcrafted

Hey, my name is Jes.  Middle name Eve.  I am a relatively new candle maker and DIY crafter.  I offer scented and lightly scented candles made with local beeswax or soy coconut wax.  Visit me at my 2nd year at the Haywire Farm Festival if you’re interested in homemade candles and DIY crafts.  I love…genuinely LOVE the atomosphere a candle creates and the joy I get from sharing them with others.  I am so excited to share my creations at the Haywire Farm Festival Country Market July 27

Follow me on Instagram: @eves_handcrafted 

Facebook: Eves Handcrafted

Knotty Kneads Massage

Back by popular demand,  Laurie will be providing upper body massages throughout the weekend.  Look for the Knotty Kneads Massage booth and spoil yourself!

Facebook: Knotty Kneads

Triple H Homestead

Triple H Homestead was born and is located south of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.  The 3 “h” stands for Homegrown, Homemade, and Home-raised.  Now Triple H Homstead is not only a homestead but a brand with all natural herbal & food products like Herbal teas, Salt-free Spice Blends, Herbal salves, Herbal vinegar and oil blends, homemade granola and so much more!  In 2019 we opened THH Country Store, our outlet location in Zenon Park, Sk where you can explore, sample and purchase our artisan products.  In 2023 we added antoher project to our Homestead: Herbal education! Sabine is a community herbalist and loves to teach people how herbs can be integrated into everyday life for health and wellness.  Look for us in the festival workshop section for workshop offerings during the Haywire Farm Festival and Vendors during the weekend Country market July 26 & 27


Facebook: Triple H Homestead        Instagram: @triplehhomesteadsk


Embrace Your Power Apparel

Embrace Your Power Apparel started with a Vision: To inspire, motivate & support people all over the world.  Founded in the Canadian prairies of Saskatchewan.  Our passion and commitment is to help humanity realize their own personal power and embrace it.  Every one of us is a unique spark of light.  Connecting and embracing the spark of Light to shine brighter.  Embracing your power is for YOU as you can do anything you set your mind to.  Mindset is Everything!  We are her to: inspire, Motivate, and make people Feel Supported.


Instagram: @embraceyourpowerapparel            Facebook: Embrace Your Power Apparel

 Groovy Grove Designs

Goovy Grove Designs is Upcycled, hand painted acrylic wall art as well as Upcycled clothing, original prints and stickers. Inspired by 70’s through the 90’s come check out my bright coloured pop art. My mission is to create art that all can enjoy, making art accessible to everyone.


Instagram: @groovy_grovedesigns                   TikTok: groovygrovedesigns


JLK Designs & Studio by JLK

I have been designing and creating jewelry for nearly two decades.  Each piece is hand crafted by me with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it is both beautiful and durable.  While my designs and skill level have progressed over the years, my dedication to providing high quality pieces to my customers has never wavered.  My jewelry is characterized by its minimalistic and simplistic design that is versatile enough to wear for any occasion, whether you’re heading out for a coffee catch-up or a fancy dinner date.  I have taken the JLK brand to new heights by introducing Studio by JLK- permanent jewelry.  Working with my daughter on this project has been very rewarding.  It has been wonderful to share my passion for jewelry making with her and to see her own creativity blossom.

Expect a collection of handmade, unique sterling silver, gold filled, and rose gold filled earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets.  I incorporate Swarvoski beads and crystals, semi precious beads and cabochons, as well as mixed metals.




Mills Custom Fractal Burning 

We are a family run small business local to Nipawin providing laser engraved products such as clocks, signage, wood working, lotion bars and chap sticks made with all natural ingredients. We can take custom orders to have picked up at the festival too! Look for us July 26 & 27


Cloud 9 Sweets & Treats

Cloud 9 Sweets & Treats has been owned and operated since June 2023 by Karyn Hanson, who grew up and lives in the Ratner area with her husband and 6 yr old son.  A former teacher of 20 yrs, she’s having so much fun slinging snacks at markets and events-nothing is better than seeing smiling faces!  Come treat yourself to popcorn and cotton candy, or other seasonal surprises!  Catch our set up on July 27

GJ Glass

Hello, my name is Garnet Grandfield.  I was born in Nipawin and have lived here ever since.  I first became interested in stained glass when I met a stained glass artisans at various craft and art sales I attended in the 1980’s while selling wooden puzzles and children’s toys that I was making at the time.  After taking a couple lessons, life got in the way and I dropped it for the next 30 years or so.  A couple years ago a friend started a gift shop in a small town and asked if I would like to consign some items…oops!  It all went from there and its something I enjoy and seems to be quite popular!  This is my second year at Haywire and you can find my booth July 26 & 27

The Amanda Rae

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Energy Healer

Amanda Rae was born and raised in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. She has been reading cards since 2001 and has been a Reiki Master since 2016. Amanda has worked with people all around the world offering psychic readings (Tarot cards, tea leaves, wax, and mediumship) as well as energy healing/spiritual coaching sessions. At the Haywire Farm Festival she will be offering both Tarot Card readings as well as mini energy healing sessions to help you balance your chakras.

Sacred Waves Holistic Wellness

Hi my name is Kristin and am a local to the area of Carrot River and Nipawin.  I provide a variety of services including henna, lomilomi bodywork, reflexology, microneedling, wellness coaching as well as creating things like crocheting, sewing and custom cakes.

Watch for me over the whole weekend at Haywire providing Henna applications, handmade crocheted and sewn items and more!

Miss Coquelicot

Miss Coquelicot is the small business of two Frenchies in the Prairies who use beading to create unique and colourful earrings.  We started beading and got hooked! Check out our designs throughout the whole weekend of Haywire.

Instagram: @miss_coquelicot7

Facebook: Coquelicot poppy

Freedom Rugs

Back for our 2nd Haywire Farm Festival! Freedom Rugs are hand woven rag rugs on an old floorloom using all recycled materials! 

Instagram/Facebook: @freedomrugs

Keely’s Kitchen & Garden

Keely is an artist & maker from Regina, Saskatchewan.  She designs for and creates products that speak to her as a kitfhen witch and avid studen of hergalism, with nature motifs at the forefront, Keely uses both digital and analog art processes and loves to experiment.   Nothing has exploded yet! Keely offers garden witfch sun hats, tea towels, cards, stickers and more.  Just like the wedicinal weeds in her garden she can’t be fenced in, so there’s almost always something new! Catch me at Haywire July 26 & 27 carrying my famous ” Garden witch hats” hand assembled & sewn sun hats with a witchy peak, often using fabrics printed with my own patterns.  The base of the crown has a ribbon with crystals and charms.  Each hat is unique.  I also carry tea towels block printed with my designs, Witchy wooden spoons with woodburned sigils and painted designs, stickers and cards produced with my orginal art.  Look forward to seeing you at the festival!



Instagram: @keelytylerart




Whimsically Woolly

I create handmade needle felted keychains, car charms, pins, stress balls and art decor, along with stikers and art prints!  All of my felted creations are made with locally sourced wool and themed after animals, nature, popculture characters or mythical creatures.

Instagram: @whimsically_woolly

Pups & Kits Pet Services

Serving the North East area of Saskatchewan with mobile pet grooming in the summer and Salon grooming all year round! Stop by and see our great selection of pet supplements and treats as well as our giftware line Wild Wild Pets which include cups, pet bowls, tshirts, glass tumblers, metal tumblers and so much more!


The Backwoods Baker

Back by popular demand, our local sourdough and garlic grower Shannon, the Backwoods Baker. Specializing in long fermented soudough products and fresh garlic.

Renew and Empower You Coaching

Hi! My name is Kelmeny. I am a personal life coach.  I help people discover the question that drives their life and move from their “scramble” into living vibrantly from their primal truth.  I offer group sessions and also one one coaching.  Stop by and meet me through out the weekend at Haywire!


Instagram: @kelmeny_baerg


The Homestead Cannery

Since y’all asked why I wasn’t set up last year, I will be providing fresh organic garden goods this year and hopefully some of this season’s 1st preserves!  Can’t get much more local than harvested a few hundred feet away!

Instagram: @canneryandcountry


Daydreams of June

Hi my name is Kiya and I create handmade earrings from various materials such as polymer clay, crystals, and glass.  I also carry handpicked vintage and thrifted art and prints. Catch Daydreams of June set up at Haywire July 26 & 27

Instagram: @daydreamsofjune

Facebook: Daydreams of June

Lunar Rugs

I’m Hailey and I’m a local in neighbouring community of Zenon Park.  I make custom tufted rugs!  They are completely customizable, with size, shape, colours and design.  I also make wall hangings. Punch needle tote bags, little bags and punch needle coasters and pillowcases.  Want a custom rug? Preorder for pick up at Haywire, I’m a weekend vendor! Email:

Instagram: @lunarrugs

Facebook: Lunar Rugs

Serenity Water

We are Serenity Water, we are a family owned Saskatoon business that focuses on healing through hydration and holistic methods such as Gem vibrations, hydrogen water therapy, alkaline and purified water.  We have a wide variety of producs ranging from beautiful natural gem stone jewelry to high tech water purification systems.  In order to provide health for all Saskatchewan families as well as keeping the local economy thriving, we offer Canadian products of exceptional quality with the best local service there is, and as a family owned business we love to treat our customers like family.


Facebook: Serenity Water Systems






AH Macrame Mom

My name is Alana Harrower and I am the heart and soul of Ah Macrame Mom.  I am located in Codette, Saskatchewan, I have been doing macrame for 2 years now.  It all started when I wanted to make my son a toy hammock for Chrismas and then some plant hangers for myself.  The love of macrame just soared from there!  I love creating unique pieces for your home and bringing any custom ideas you may have in mind to life!  I love being able to share my art with others!  Visit my booth at the Country Market both July 26 &27 or put in a custom order to pick up at the festival.  Email for custom requests


Nipawin Trading Co

Saskatchewan inspired Men’s and Women’s Casual Clothing and more!


Blind Trapper Holistic Foods Inc.

 We are a sustainable wildcrafting company situated in the Cumberland Delta. Our CEO Mark Monsebroten, a visually impaired entrepreneur, with the help of many friends developed this idea during the pandemic allowing people to receive much needed income from cultural practices on there traditional territories. Our crew of over 30 harvesters are all certified in sustainable wildcrafting practices and are all local residents and complete all harvesting on there traditional territories. Our commercial customers purchase several thousand pounds of dry product from us every year, that is used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Our online division markets smaller quantities for our customers through a shopping cart and we have over 30 stores that carry our products. We market over 40 bulk dry herbs, 12 fresh products, 12 tea blends, 30 smaller packages of food seasoning and herbal plants. Visit our website at This year in 2024 Blind Trapper Holistic Foods Inc will be bottling sugar free, caffeine free, iced tea blend made from birch water that was just collected in April. This beverage has been in research and development for the last 3 years. It is full of electrolytes, vitamins, mineral, and is flavored with chaga, mint and lemongrass. The Haywire Festival would be the first public offering of this product and we will have free samples. We will also have tea blends, dry product, tinctures and infused oils for sale.

Theresa Tree Reflexology

Hand and Foot Reflexology massage treatment sessions or Indian Head Massage offerings during the whole festival weekend.

Reiner Gerhard Woodworking & Crafts

We handcraft doors, cabinets, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, tables, benches, planters, coat hangers and more!  Custom orders welcome.

Sask Organics

We are a member association for certified organic producers in Saskatchewan, and we are happy to be attending the festival educating consumers about how and where to shop for certified organic products in the province.


Just a little Horsin Around Craft Co.

Western burnt hats, acrylic paintings, wood work, hand made crystal healing stone bracelets and western mugs

Lily Rose Crystals

LilyRose Crystal Jewellery.  Her passion is using coppers and crystals to craft one-of-a-kind jewelry.  These materials have vast healing properties, which is exactly why she uses them in her work.  These pieces are best seen in person, so you can watch them shimmer & shine!  And you’ll be able to do exactly that at Haywire Festival!

Catch me at Haywire July 27 12-5


website: https://lilyrosecanada.etsy. com/

Farm Fresh Homemade Products

Hey! My name is Veronica, I am the creator of Farm Fresh Homemade Products.  I sell a home grown and homemade jams, salsas, soap and goodness.  I live outside of Nipawin, Sk on a farm and I love it!

Humble Life Acres

 Inspired by Nature, Gratitude & Living in the Moment We are Resha and Tim with Humble Life Acres. Two years ago, we started a new journey moving from city life to country life. We love to inspire and share our experiences, life’s blessings, and natures beauty! Fast forward to today, we have our own flock of laying hens, we are bee keepers and strive to live more self-sustainable. Living in harmony with nature and being stewards of the land. In alignment with nature and back to our roots. Our heart is in our handcrafted small-batch made quality products such as our most loved Whipped Tallow. The nourishing properties of tallow was incorporated in beauty rituals all over the world, including our ancestors. Naturally formulated and combined with plant based infusions to nourish and unlock glowing skin. We are passionate about the products we create and most importantly how much it has helped people. We cannot wait to meet and connect everyone! Much Love, Resha & Tim


Anabundance Garden Creations

I have been growing and drying flowers, herbs and grasses for over 30 years.  3 years ago my partner and I moved back to our land east of the Wapiti Valley and live a simple off-grid lifestyle.  Our garden creations include handcrafted natural incense bases and ground essences plus smudging herbs and everlasting bouquets.

See you at Haywire July 26 & 27

Second Life Home Decor

Combining my favourite hobbies, I craft with salvaged goods to create beautiful, unique home decor.

Vist my booth at Haywire on July 27 12-5


Haywire Farm Festival